New Media Marketing Easy to Use – Improve Odds of Prospects Finding You Online

If you spend one or two hours a week leveraging several “new media” opportunities, you will easily double the number of clients that find you on the internet and increase your sales dramatically.

Taking one idea and leveraging it into several different opportunities is easy to do – it requires two things: discipline and knowledge; discipline to follow the techniques each week and knowledge of what these techniques are and how to do them without spending all your time doing them.

Why is having a strong web presence so important? Because over 80% of consumers go to the internet FIRST when they need health related information. A patient was referred to you by a friend – they check out your website to see who you are. Experiencing a pain or discomfort – your prospective patient is going to the internet to search the symptoms. Do you offer a cure?

You already have a website; do you know how effective it is? What words would a prospective patient type in Google to find you? Try it and see where you come up. Are you on the first page? Your success can greatly depend on you having one of those top spots. Not the paid spots on the side, but a site that naturally comes up to the top of list. This site is often searched, is healthy and changing often, and is safe for visitors.

How can spending one hour a week using “new media” techniques help you make more money? Posting educational articles, blogging and podcasting are just few examples of systemizable marketing tasks you can do consistently to ensure your information the first thing prospective clients see when they look online.

Not sure how your website ranks? Our website optimization package can check for you and give you specific feedback on things you can do to improve.

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